Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Kuti Kuti

the first comics arrived! Kuti Kuti from finland sended us a massive package with several issues of their free comic called Kuti. printed as an newspaper it is released quarterly. you can grab one of these beauties at the comicfest!

Yeah, die ersten Comics sind da! kuti kuti haben ein dickes Paket aus finland auf den weg geschickt. ihr  auf Zeitungspapier gedrucktes Magazin Kuti erscheint viermal im Jahr.

in their own words:
KUTI is a free full colour comic newspaper that is published quarterly and distributed in Finland by Kutikuti and our friends. Our aim is to provide a publication format for new free form graphic literature and art. Kuti is bi-langual, in Finnish with English translation. Along with comics we sometimes include articles about authors, publications and phenomenons that we like.


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